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Brad Pitt: Did Jennifer Aniston Think Pitt Was Unfaithful During Their Marriage?


Did Brad Pitt Cheat On Jen?

Brad Pitt: Did Jennifer Aniston Think Pitt Was Unfaithful During Their Marriage?:Β Following the Moneyball’s star divorce, Pitt and Jolie sped their relationship up reasonably rapidly. But it is unclear that Brad Pitt had an affair while Pitt has still married to Aniston. Despite being one of the hottest and most talked-about couples of Hollywood, their divorce made every fan in confusion.

Jennifer Anitson


Fans are still hoping for something miracle between such a hot couple. According to Vanity, FairΒ  Jennifer open up about she thinks her husband of five years cheated on her with Jolie. She told that she was shocked that how quickly just after her divorce Pitt and Jolie got together.

But after he reveals that she doesn’t believe that her ex-husband and Jolie have any physical affair at the time of their marriage. She blindly believes her husband and won’t be surprised by anything.

Jolie Stated She Could Never Think Of Doing Such

Angelina Jolie said she could never cheat a married man. As she has seen, her family will get apart after her father cheated on her mother. By seeing all this, she never thinks of doing such with another girl. As she promises to herself that she will never follow the path of her father.

Jolie admits, β€œTo be intimate with a married man when my father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive” and also said that she couldn’t even see herself in the mirror if she does that.

Jennifer Aniston Has No Regrets

Aniston, despite all the grief she experienced, she admits that she had the feeling of love for Brad for the whole life. She also created a memorable moment with Brad and said there is β€˜ so much fun falling in love’ with Pitt.

In an interview with Vanity Fair after their split, Jennifer Aniston said she felt lucky that Brad Pitt came into her life. She had a full belief in her husband, Brad Pitt.

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