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Brad Pitt: It Is Nicole Poturalski’s Decision Of Hating Angelina Jolie And I Respect That!

Nicole Poturalski Hates Angelina Jolie
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Brad Pitt: It Is Nicole Poturalski’s Decision Of Hating Angelina Jolie, And I Respect That!: Brad Pitt always has some of the other conflicts between his Recent and Exes. Though being in a Loving relationship with 25-year-old girlfriend Nicole Poturalski, he’s pulled into the recent gossip. To give you a gist about the Topic, Poturalski is spreading hate comment for Brad’s Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie. She hates Jolie and wishes never to see her face. However, to know more about the same, let us move ahead.

Nicole Poturalski Hates Angelina Jolie

Nicole Poturalski Hates Angelina Jolie
Source: Vanity Fair

Being Brad’s New Girlfriend the Model is jealous of Pitt’s Ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Whereas Brad dont cared about it and left it to her Girlfriend. However Initially, Poturalski mentioned that she hates Both Brad’s Ex-wife. Be it Aniston or Jolie they dont have any stand in her and Pitt’s Life. Poturalski saying is justified because back in the days Jolie commented on Pitt’s Girlfriend which Poturalski didn’t like at all. As a result, she is more disturbed due to the recent Table Round Reunion where Brad and Aniston where seen Flirting. Additionally, she never expected that Pitt Would do something that makes her upset.

Brad Pitt’s Views

Nicole Poturalski Hates Angelina Jolie
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Pitt is all okay with what her 25-year-old Model girlfriend is doing and has no rights to speak for her as shes mature and can handle situations well. He says that it is  Nicole Poturalski’s decision of Hating Angelina Jolie and I respect that. A person will indeed feel Uncomfortable and nervous when someone else tries to enter into their lives says, Pitt. She can Do anything she wants, and Pitt doesn’t want to get dragged into an unnecessary controversy. He decided to stay away from this topic and focus on some more essential things in life.

Nicole Poturalski And Pitt To Get Married?

Nicole Poturalski Hates Angelina Jolie
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The Question Remains unknown to us and the world as well. Despite being in a relationship With Nicole Poturalski, Brad won’t get married again as he is unsure about his ongoing relationship. He is already going through some family issues with Jolie and isnt ready to take another responsibility. However, it’s on Pitt if he wants to get married or not; we can predict and wait for the official cover.

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