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Brad Pitt Lady Love is Reportedly Married! Latest Relationship Update

nicole poturalski and brad pitt

Brad Pitt And Nicole Poturalski: LOVEBIRDS TOGETHER

Brad PittΒ :The hot hunk of Hollywood, Brad Pitt, is dating Nicole Poturalski. She is 27 years old beautiful German model.

After his divorce from Angelina Jolie and ugly legal battles, fans were curious to know who he would be dating.There were speculations and rumors made in the past.

There was news of Brad with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston when they met backstage at the SAG award 2019.

He has kept dodging questions on rumors of dating. He even mentioned in the interview that though he has been linked many times in a year or two, none of it is true.








The news of dating rumors started when Brad Pitt was seen together with the German model in France. They arrived at Le Bourget airport outside Paris together. The pair even made their way to the actor’s chateau in France, where he married Angelina Jolie.

Page Six confirmed that they are a hot couple and are happy in each other company. Brad met Nicole in August 2019 when he was promoting his movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

He was in headlines when he stepped out with the model. Brad has been very private about his dating life after splitting from Angelina Jolie.

They met through common friends, and few close friends know about the relationship. They share a lot in common and get along well with each other.

The model has shared posts on Instagram with captions “love” and “better half” in the earlier months. It might be possible that they started dating before we could find out.

Β  Nicole Porturalski

A new angle to the love story was revealed when it was found out that the model is married to Roland Mary. They are together for eight years and have a seven-year-old son.

Roland owns the Borchardt in Berlin, which is a favorite spot for Brad Pitt. He has no objection to his wife dating the heartthrob Brad Pitt according to the sources. Roland Mary has been married four times before, and he is okay with such a revelation.

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The sources told that her husband is not jealous, and there is no animosity between them.

Where this relationship is head with open marriage will be worth seeing.

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