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Brad Pitt Once Lost A Role In A Movie Because Of This Reason

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

It’s not an uncommon thing for actors to lose certain roles in movies because of one reason or the other. The same thing once happened with Brad Pitt as well.

The movie in which he lost a role as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The one who did get this role finally was Kris Kamm.

In this article, we will tell you why that happened. Cassandra Peterson, the actress who played Elvira in her 1988 movie along with Kris Kamm, reveals why this happened.

Kris Kamm talks about the audition.

In a 97-minutes long, behind-the-scenes video, the late-night horror movie host Elvira and Kris Kamm reveal why Bradd Pitt lost the role.

Kamm, to whom Brad Pitt lost his role in the movie, recalls the day of the audition, which he thinks is a funny story.

Telling us about it, he says, “I remember going to castingβ€”

The character’s very all-American, just kind of straight forward kid. I guess I was pretty cute when I was younger. In the casting, there was this beautiful young man. In my head, I was thinking well, if they want to go pretty, that’s what they’re gonna go with. If they want to go with an actor, they’ll go with me.”

Cassandra told Kamm it was Brad Pitt that day.

Kamm had no idea that the pretty young boy was Brad Pitt- something he came to years later. It happened when he and Cassandra Peterson lived in the same neighbourhood in Hollywood.

One day when he saw Cassandra and Mark Pierson, her then-husband and producer of the movie having dinner outside. It was then that Cassandra told Kamm about it.

brad pit

Kamm talks about the conversation,

Cassandra said, ‘It came down between you and one other actor for the role of Randy. Had the other actor gotten it, my movie would’ve been a huge international hit.’ I was like, ‘Who was it?’ She’s like, ‘Brad Pitt.'”

Because Brad Pitt was too Good Looking

Because Brad Pitt was too Good Looking

Ironically, the very handsome and beautiful look of Pitt that makes girls swoon became the reason why he could not get the role.

And in the end, it was Cassandra herself who voted him out. As per the story of the movie, Elvira goes to a small town where the local kids help her in fixing up her aunt’s house.

These kids are all average looking kids of the neighbourhood, and she teaches them about horror movies while they are helping her with the house.

Kris Kamm plays the role of one of these average-looking kids, and Brad Pitt did not fit into the definition of average because of his good looks.

In fact, Cassandra was afraid he might even outshine Daniel Greene, who played her love interest in the movie. She says,

“I said to everybody in casting, ‘There is no way in hell that Elvira is going to be in a room with that kid and still like Bob. She is going to be after him, and that will not be good.’ He was 20-something, but in the movie, he’s playing underage so it wouldn’t be good.”



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