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Brad Pitt Support Joe Biden In A New Campaign Ad

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Brad Pitt Shows His Support For Joe Biden In A Campaign Ad

As Hollywood stars continue to rally in support of Joe Biden for the 2020 presidential electionΒ Brad Pitt lends his voice to the new campaign ad by the former vice president.

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A new ad that fell during the World Series game on Saturday. It was narrated by the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood star. With a video montage of Biden delighting and exchanging laughs with several supporters around America. The commercial, which debuted during the Los Angeles Dodgers-Tampa Bay Rays game, kicks off.

β€œAmerica is a place for everyone – those who chose this county, those who fought for it – some Republicans, some Democrats, and most, somewhere in between,”

The actor says during the brief commercial. He believes all Americans are looking for the same thing, regardless of their political beliefs. As Pitt recites, they want a leader to recognise their aspirations, dreams, pain and more. He goes on to say that Americans hope for a president. A President who will be honest, compassionate and will work hard for all families to make the nation better.

President For All Americans!

β€œTo work just as hard for the people who voted for him as those who didn’t. To be a president for all Americans,”

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Pitt appears to appear on an American flag-adorned stage as video of the former VP interacting with people changes to that of Biden and his wife, Dr Jill Biden.
The Pitt-featuring commercial on Saturday isn’t the only advertisement featuring a Hollywood star for World Series Biden. On Tuesday, during the first game of the Major League Baseball season, the Biden campaign dropped its Sam Elliott-narrated ad.
Pitt joins a host of actors and actresses from Hollywood who has been featured in videos and campaign activities for the presidential bid of the former VP. For the official South Asian Block Party for the Biden campaign, a host of South Asian talents, including Mindy Kaling and Kumail Nanjiani, came together and Samuel L. Jackson urged Black voters to cast their ballots for the former Delaware senator.

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