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Brad Pitt Wants To Celebrate His 57th Birthday With His Kids

Brad Pitt

Yesterday, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt turned 57 years old, and according to reports in Hollywoodlife, the actor is looking forward to celebrating his birthday with his children. The details were exchanged with that newspaper by the actor’s pal. However, since he’s still busy with his dream, Bullet Train, he’s going to celebrate it with his kids as they enjoy it. In the meantime, An actor who has been legally divorced from his wife Angelina Jolie, the ex-couple is now struggling over custody of their twins.

According to Hollywoodlife news, the actor’s friend said, “Brad is a low key when it comes to his birthday. He doesn’t even make a huge deal about it. He’s in the middle of working on Bullet Train, so he’s earnest about all the work, but of course, he’s going to celebrate with his kids at some point because they love it. The source also revealed his younger kids love to make birthday greetings for him and have a birthday party.

Forgetting that the pandemic of COVID-19 persists.

Brad Pitt's Birthday Plan With His Kids: Wants Their Time & 'Homemade Cards'  – Hollywood Life

The younger children are also at the age where they enjoy making their cards and doing the entire cake and birthday candles,” the source said. The source also adds that the actor only wants to spend time with his children, but without forgetting that the pandemic of COVID-19 persists.

So that’s going to happen. It’s all a matter of taking time off work because, of course, there are a lot of moving parts in the COVID protocols. But the only thing Brad needs for his birthday is the handmade cards that his children make him and time with them. That’s what he treasures the most. Otherwise, he’d miss getting a birthday,” the source said. ALSO READ: Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Downey Jr.; The Expense Of Their Favorite Perfumes Will Finance You A Fancy Goa Ride

As with another source, Benjamin Button’s Curiosity Case is a little shy to realize that he’s inching closer to his 60s. “Birthdays near Christmas have always been fascinating to Brad, and this year, n particular is really different than every year

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