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Bradley Walsh Got Emotional On His Show While Narrating The Ordeal Of A Sick Child Mother

Bradley Walsh Got Emotional On His Show While Narrating The Ordeal Of A Sick Child Mother
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Bradley Walsh Got Emotional On His Show While Narrating The Ordeal Of A Sick Child Mother: Bradley Walsh cried his heart out in the recent instalment of This Morning. He got emotional while talking about the story of a mother who got separated from her ill son because of COVID-19.

Ruth Did Not See Her Sick Son From The Past 6 Months

The mother of the ill child arrived on the day time show and expressed her grief. Ruth waited from the past six months to get a glimpse of his son. However, she still hasn’t seen the face of her son Sam.

Sam is currently suffering from a later stage of Huntington’s disease. This condition interrupts with the normal functioning of the brain. His mother finds herself in a hopeless situation as she couldn’t do anything because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

What Did The Mother Feel?

“My whole body demands that I am there to care for my son, and I’m not there, and it’s like grieving upon grieving. I can’t be there. I can’t love and help my son,” said Ruth in her video. She also expressed her feelings of sadness, helplessness and useless.

Bradley Walsh Talks On His Show About This Heartbreaking Incident

Bradley talked about this on his show after Ruth contacted him on Instagram. Walsh said that it was his wife who first saw Ruth’s message on his Instagram. Walsh also mentioned that if he went through a similar situation with his son or mother, he would be devastated.

Bradley Walsh said, “I’ve never met Ruth, by the way, that’s heartbreaking, and since then, I have got on board and thought what can be done?”

On his show, he stopped in the middle as he got emotional while saying, “It’s hard enough to see your….”

Then he apologised and continued, “I’m sorry, it’s hard enough to see your parents go, but if your child is going to go before you, something needs to be done it’s so upsetting.” He said that he tried to do something for those who were in a similar situation.

He researched for a long time and found that there were more than 22,000 care homes in the UK.Β  Walsh didn’t know how it is handled, but he wanted them to be led by the government rather than local authorities.

Bradley couldn’t help but imagine to live your last days in isolation. You know, being without your loved ones. He concluded by saying, “Soon enough you’re going to go, but the loved ones you leave behind are scarred for life. That is just tragic, tragic it is.”

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