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BRAVE Browser Now Link With WAYBACK Machine On 404 Pages Or Offline Pages

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Announcement- ” The brave web can now automatically detect when a webpage is not available and will lead you to the Wayback machine for a Backup.”

Deleted webpages are now easier to find out if they have been deleted due to some mistake or error and this feature is really going to help, lot of people because this thing really counts in general problems which are faced by everyone in our day to day lives- so trying this new feature is not going to harm us but counter its going to help us.

Though the code 404 is the most in working use, according to the announcement this feature can also work with other codes in the same manner and that are as follows-408, 410, 451, 500, 502, 503, 504, 509, 520, 521, 523, 524, 525, and 526 errors.

Braves version of app 1.4 is now available with a built-in marking, first time payback in internet archives, the machine has been natively supported inside a desktop browser.


if someway or the other, you visited a page by using this BRave, then this browser will generate a notification for you- in the words that, sorry that page is missing and additionally it is going to tell you, that there is still the option if you want to check in a saved version if it is available in the payback machine?

Accepting this will take you to the new screen, where you can look on the pages that had been snapshots over time. This feature makes it easier for you to get back the information which has been disappeared from the internet itself, or if it has been deliberately removed or just disappeared by mistake.

So we have to take note that the payback machine has archived over900 billion URLs and more than 400 Billion webpages, over 23 years of its history, but still, there has been no condition applied that guarantees that your page was surely archived.


If you are interested in trying this feature, then its available on the part of the ” desktop version of Brave version 1.4″. It also has access to chrome, safari, and firefox. But it is seen best working on version 1.4.95 of the browser. BUT the installation creates just enough Fiction to keep the average user from even having sort of information about it.

This fantastic feature is going to help us make the web browser more useful in many terms and also with full security.

IF you are using Brave Browser, then quickly update it to get benefits of its newly amazed features.

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