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Brian Austin Green Has A Sarcastic Reply For Ex Vanessa Marcil Who Called Him Angry And Sad!

Brian Austin Green Vanessa Marcil
Source: Us Weekly

Vanessa Marcil Calls Brian Austin Green Angry And Sad

Vanessa Marcil has some fresh accusations for her ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Before marrying Megan Fox, Brian was married to Vanessa and even shared a child with him. However, the two ended their marriage on a bitter note. Now she claimed that Brian is always sad and angry in his life. She said:

β€œ’He’s a very angry/sad human being who still has too much shame to take full responsibility for his actions as a father. I consciously knew that I could work through childhood traumas through him and I have. I have great empathy towards him and other people who are still in pain from their childhoods.”

Brian Austin Green Vanessa Marcil
Source: Us Weekly

Brian Austin Green Gives A Sarcastic Reply To Vanessa Marcil

Brian Austin Green has a podcast of his own where he talks about various stuff which includes his personal and professional life. In the latest episode of his podcast, he made a sarcastic comment as a reply to his ex-wife Vanessa calling him sad and angry. He said:

β€œ’I’m just angry. I’m angry and I’m sad all the time. And I just don’t know what to do about it. I’m angrier today, I don’t know why.”

Brian Austin Feels Anger And Sadness Are Completely Opposite

Brian thinks that anger and sadness are the opposite and never go hand in hand. He said:

β€œThey’re just complete opposites, being angry and sad, like, they don’t seem like they would mix together. I go to therapy every week, but I don’t know if it’s enough. I’m angry all the time.”

He had recently said that he is happy for Megan who has already moved on in her life and is dating singer Machine Gun Kelly.

Brian Austin Green Vanessa Marcil
Source: Yahoo

Brian Austin Green Calls His Temper Legendary

Brian Austin did not finish with his sarcastic comment and said that his temper was legendary and is famous all across the industry. He said:

β€œIf you check around the industry, I’m known as the angry, sad guy. And the diva on set.”

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