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Brian Austin Green Is Happy Hanging Around His Rumoured Fling Tina Louise!

Brian Austin Green Is Happy Hanging Around His Rumoured Fling Tina Louise!: Fans may not get Green-Fox reunion with brian spending a lot of his time with his fling, Tina Louise.Β  Even though Brian had made the statement that he would like to get back with
Megan Fox.

Brian’s New Company

After Green-Fox split, things haven’t been the same for Brian. Even though Brian and Tina haven’t said anything specific to specify what kind of relationship they share, they are spending quite a lot of time together.

According to an insider, Brian feels happy to spend time with Tina. Tina Louise is a professional model, and after divorcing Megan Fox, Brian interested in her.

Rumours are that Brian is madly in love with Tina, and the blond beauty has attracted Brian Austin Green by her charms. Though they haven’t cleared any rumours going around, they seem to be getting close.

Even though they were said to have ended on separate ways in July, they seem to be just false reports.

Β Brian’s Feelings About Tina

According to an informer who spoke to HollywoodLife said that Brian still goes around with Tina a lot. They both hang out together and love to spend time with each other. Also, Brian doesn’t seem to get enough of her.

The same source said:

“Brian is head over heels for the model. Her company makes him happy and feel positive when he is around her.”

Brian feels that she is a happy going person and spreads positivity around him with her smile uplifting his mood and positive energy. He believes her to an easy-going person and that he always admires her for everything.

She is like a fresh air in his life. Brian is taking things slow with her and doesn’t want to rush anything for now. The rumours about the fling were false as they are yet seeing each other for quite a time now.

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