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Brian Austin Green’s Ex Vanessa Marcil Takes The Side Of Brian’s Ex-Wife Megan Fox!

Brian Austin-Vanessa Marcil-Megan Fox
Source: Today Top News

Vanessa Marcil Supports Megan Fox Over Ex Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin and Vanessa Marcil were in a serious relationship. However, things changes between the two, and they decided to put an end to their relationship in 2003. Moreover, they even share a son Kassius. Post his split, he started dating Megan Fox and got married by 2004.

However, the two went for a divorce in May 2020. Now Brian’s ex Vanessa is supporting Megan post the divorce between the two. She said:

“Megan, finally living her life for herself is in itself a gift to her children.”

Brian Austin-Vanessa Marcil-Megan Fox
Source: Us Weekly

Brian Austin And Megan Fox Tried To Get Full Custody Of His Son With Vanessa Marcil

In 2006, Brian tried to get the full custody of his son Kassius and filed a case for it in court. Not only did he ask for total control, but he also included a petition for child support. Talking about this incident in 2018, Vanessa said:

β€œ12 years ago I was served legal papers and then spent 8 years+ defending myself and my son in custody court in response to his father & his stepmother trying to get full custody (that means I would have seen my son four days a month) and then asking me to pay the child support.”

Brian Austin Lost The Case For Full Custody

Ultimately, the fair thing happened, and Brian did not get custody. However, Vanessa never spoke about this before 2018 as she did not want to disturb Brian’s personal life and keep the media away from his son. Vanessa said:

β€œThey lost that case & a civil case asking me for 200,000. I never spoke publicly in order to protect my then young son from paparazzi that used to follow him & terrify him.”

Brian Austin-Vanessa Marcil-Megan Fox
Source: Today Top News

Vanessa Marcil Never Asked For Full Custody

Vanessa understood that Brian wanted to see his son as well and always supported equal custody. She said, “In the end, they lost all of these court cases. The judge called them all ‘Frivolous.’ They always had 50% custody and still did when court ended as I had and have NEVER asked for full control.”

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