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Briana DeJesus Confronts Luis After She Contracted Chlamydia From Ex Luis

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‘Teen Mom 2″ Briana Encounters Luis After She Became Positive For Chlamydia

Briana DeJesus Confronts Luis After She Contracted Chlamydia From Ex Luis: One week after learning that she had developed chlamydia from ex-boyfriend Luis. During the Sept. 29 episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus eventually confronted him. Briana couldn’t believe she let her guard down with him again, to get hurt yet. But that’s what she did. But she’s got to deal with the repercussions now.

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In last week’s show, DeJesus, who swears Hernandez is the only guy she’s been with lately, tested positive for chlamydia. We saw her break the news to him tonight via text.

She was also afraid, however, that if she behaved like a “bitch” against him, he would go to MIA again. It would be their daughter, Stella, who would suffer. However, he denied that would happen, and assured her that this time around, he would prove her wrong.

Luis Apologizes And Assures He Will Be Better This Time

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“I don’t have anything going on, I’m being as honest as I can be,” he allegedly responded, as Briana read off her phone screen. “I’m going to make an appointment. I’m really sorry this is happening, I know what we’ve gone through, this is the last thing that we wanted.”

Talking to her mate, Briana said “sorry, I’m not going to cut it,” before explaining that “whatever happened between the two of them β€” aka hooking up β€” wouldn’t happen anymore.” Her worry, however, was how it would impact Luis’ co-parenting of their daughter, Stella, to take sex out of the equation.

She had a heart-to-heart with her mother. She seemed much more distraught about the situation than her daughter.

“I’m furious with him, enraged. He should have told you, listen, ‘I’m at risk, I’ve been exposed,'” she exclaimed. “F–king wake up. Wake the f–k up. 30 years old, what are you doing? You’re not a kid no more. He’s toxic. I refuse to be nice to him and it sucks because [Stella] f–king pays the price.”

However, when Luis turned up, he promised that wouldn’t be the case.

“I’m not gonna stop apologizing,” he told Briana. “I am sorry for letting that happen. I’ve been trying to be different and better than before.”

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