Britney Spears Asks Her Mother To STFU. Fans Are In Shock!

  • Britney Spears is making every single thing count. She is raising a voice that should be heard loud and clear. After going through a lot of things lately, Britney Spears is fighting for herself finally. Recently when her mother got involved in her drama she asked her to STFU. Fans are more than shocked to see this side of Britney Spears but they believe the different country is very much necessary for her. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.


Two days after winning In the court, Britney was allowed to choose her lawyer finally. Her last lawyer and co-lawyer resigned after Britney was getting into too much drama. Britney felt helpless at that moment however, she managed to win and now she will be able to hire a lawyer she wants. After the victory, she posted a statement on social media asking her fans to not forget who ignored them when they needed them. It seemed like it was for someone specific.

Britney And Her Issues

After the victory she even posted a video crying and saying that she is traumatized and happy. She even explained that there was a point in our life recently where she cried every single day and felt depressed. She even mentioned that she didn’t have a lot of people by her side and that is what made her even more depressed.

Picture via google images.

In one video clip, we can see Britney Spears asking her mother to STFU as she fails to support her during her bad time. Fans were shown shook after her video of it went viral all over different social media platforms. All fans and fellow celebrities are expecting is for Britney to get her freedom. Stay tuned with us for more details about your TV show and celebrity.

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