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Broncos Off-Season: Everything John Elway Did!

Quarterback John Elway #7 raises his hands in victory after he is pulled from the game in the final seconds of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl XXXIII victory over the Atlanta Falcons 34-19 at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida, January 31, 1999. This would be John Elway's last football game of his career. (Photo by E. Bakke/Getty Images)

Broncos Off-Season: Everything John Elway Did!:Β It is the off-season for NFL fans. Well, during this off-season, John Elway, the General manager of the Denver Broncos and the decision-maker, decided that the Broncos need this off-season to snap a four-year playoff.

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Without further ado, let us get into the details of what the top tier football mogul did with his team during the off-season.

The Off-Season Playoff!

In the immediate aftermath of 2019 season, John Elway rattled off and believed that the Denver Broncos needs an off-season to snap a four-year playoff slump that has caused the Broncos to lose those three seasons.

John Elway
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While speaking about the quarterback Drew Lock, Elway said:

“We are excited about where Drew is. I don’t like to show our hand, but I think it’s unrealistic to say that we’re going in a different direction. We believe he’s got potential to do it, and we think he’s just going to continue to get better and better.”

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Elway Speaks

It’s no secret that the team’s money and premium draft picks essentially makes Lock’s promotion to starter the hub of the off-season wagon. The off-season gameplay was mostly about getting Lock in the perfect position to succeed.

Elway said:

“We’re going to go into the free agency the same way. We are going to do all the homework we can and hope we don’t have the luck that we had this year with the injuries we had.”

John Elway

This year, the Broncos headed out the biggest contract out in the free agency that guarded Graham Glasgow for $44 million, and despite having two-time 1,000-yard rusher already, they added Melvin Gordon.

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A Potential New Contract For Philip Lindsay

Talking about Philip Lindsay, Elway said:

“Philip has done a tremendous job and being the first college free agent to go over 1,000-yards (in two consecutive years to start his career). Thank god we talked him into coming here. He’s been tremendous, and he’s got the heart the size of his whole body. The way he works. We’ll look at that. We’ll see where we are budget-wise, but yeah, that’d be something we’d look at.”

Well, anyway, this is what John Elway did during the off-season.


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