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Brooklyn Beckham And Nicola Peltz Are Planning For A Jewish Wedding !


Brooklyn And Nicola Planning For A Jewish Wedding

The news of an engagement between Brooklyn and Nicola has broken the internet. The two announced their engagement on Instagram and have not been able to keep their hands off each other. In just nine months time, the two have grown really close to each other. The two are regularly posting photos and stories on Instagram kissing and showing cute PDAs. However, ever since the engagement, people are speculating about what they are planning for their wedding. Now we have some news regarding their wedding. Apparently, Brooklyn and Nicola are going for a Jewish wedding which will be modern and still have traditional Jewish elements.

Source: eonline

Why Are Brooklyn And Nicole Going For A Jewish Wedding

Apparently, Nicola’s father is a devout Jewish and has raised her daughter in the same line. Moreover, Beckham’s maternal grandfather is also Jewish, and so even Brooklyn has a Jewish connection. As per the rumours, Brooklyn has agreed to the Jewish wedding. It is expected not to be too traditional but will be super religious. The Jewish wedding will have a wedding canopy which is traditionally called a Chuppah. The couple will also sign a Ketubah which is Jewish for the wedding contracts.

Two Weddings Brooklyn And Nicola

The couple is reportedly planning two weddings. One ceremony will take place in Florida as Nicola is from the US while the second wedding will take place in the UK. The wedding will take place only $4 million. Nicola’s father has come forward to pay for the wedding. He has a net worth of $1.4 billion. On the other hand, Victoria is personally looking after one of the wedding dresses of Nicola. Victoria and Beckham have also come forward to take any expenses regarding the wedding.


Victoria And Beckham Trying To Make Millions Through Son’s Wedding

As per the latest rumours, Brooklyn’s wedding will be most beneficial for David and Victoria. A source close to the two said, “These are exciting times for David and Victoria. They were always looking to spend more time in the States because of David’s club commitments. But now, with the wedding and Brooklyn moving to the US, they are redoubling their efforts. Victoria has trademarked her brand across the Pond. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, she hopes to corner the lucrative health and wellness market β€” which is huge over there β€” with the launch of her anti-ageing serum and various other VB beauty products.”

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