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Brooklyn Beckham Ex-Girlfriend Feels He Is Too Immature To Get Married !

Source: Daily Mail

Brooklyn Beckham’s Ex-Girlfriend Talks About Their Reason For Split

Brooklyn Beckham’s ex-girlfriend Lexy was equally shocked when she got to know that Brooklyn was getting engaged to Nicola. Lexy and Brooklyn met at a music festival in 2017 and started with a romantic relationship that lasted for a year. The two had a big age gap and it was one of the reasons for their split. Another problem was that it was a long-distance relationship as she was in LA and Brooklyn was in the UK. She said in a talk with The Sun, β€œI don’t want to say exactly why we split. I don’t want to bash him. The long-distance thing was a factor for sure. The age gap was a big deal.”

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Brooklyn Beckham’s Ex-Girlfriend Calls Him Immature

Lexy further told that Brooklyn was very immature during the time of their relationship and that was also one of the reasons for them going separate ways. For her, the relationship was never meant to be serious as Brooklyn was β€˜babyish’ with too many β€˜random friends’. She said, β€œWe are not together anymore because of his immature ways and him not being a good friend. It was a relationship that I could never take seriously, to be honest. You can tell immediately that he is a little immature.”

Brooklyn Falls In Love Every Few Minutes, Says His Ex-Girlfriend Lexy

Lexy still believes that Brooklyn is like a teenager who has been hit by puberty. She feels he is too young and falls in love with every other girl. He has not matured enough to understand the meaning of love. She said, β€œI don’t know why he falls in love every few minutes. There is no consistency in his relationships. He has a new chick every month, so it’s surprising he would try to do this.”

Source: Daily Mail

Surprised Lexy Feels Brooklyn Not Ready For Marriage

Just like the rest of the world, Lexy was also surprised to hear about the engagement of Brooklyn. Brooklyn and Nicola have a four year age gap with Brooklyn being the younger. Lexy feels Brooklyn is not ready to take such a big responsibility of being a husband. She said, β€œIt’s not something anyone was expecting and, honestly, Brooklyn is not ready for that. He is very young and way too immature.”

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