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Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 : Thinking About Ways To Focus Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic!

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Brooklyn Nine is an American comedy series, bagging a lot of awards and makings it’s way into the top TV series. Streaming over NetflixΒ quite popularly, it has some huge fanbase of millennials mostly. It has remarkable adult humour and a sense of wholeness to the storyline.

The seasons focus on the NYPD detective, Jake, and the life around him. Making a comeback after a season once stops is pretty hard, yet Brooklyn Nine-Nine has done it quite well.

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Coronavirus Inspired Storyline


Dan Goor has let out a lot of information. He informed us of the plot for Season 8 which was already confirmed by the time season 7 came out in 2020.

The new flow of episodes will focus on after pandemic effect on the lives of the characters. This will be quite a fresh turn of events because till now we were reading news about the cancellation of shows. Now, we look forward to something involving the main theme of our everyday lives.

Goor told us of a plotline for some episode where the world quickly recovered within a few weeks and another where a cast member was infected. These weren’t very original ideas due to the lack of full information about the future.

Main ChallengesΒ 

As good as it might sound, to come up with possible storylines is currently difficult. The future we are heading towards is very rocky and uncertain. We have no idea how the future times are going to look like, whether the next year will survive the blow on our economies.

The next challenge will be, the humour part. There isn’t anything funny about social distancing and being anxious all the time, except the fact that it seems like a glitch in the matrix.

Adding the aspect of New York City is the main focus. They want to show us how the world looked like from one of those first-hand people experiencing it. Obviously, a lot of help from the outside world is necessary, which isn’t quite possibly at the moment.

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