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BS6 BMW G 310 Twins Might Reduce Its Price!

BMW G 310

BMW G 310

BMW is a popular yet expensive naked motorbike from BMW Motorrad. It was created particularly to increase its overall global presence. The bike along with some features was first talked about in 2015 and finally made available in 2018. But, this is all about BS6 BMW G 310.

The BMW twins share a similar engine with that if Apache, in fact, they were formed in collaboration. It is supposed to update to BS6, both of these. However, BMW can introduce an addition slipper clutch and a HUGE price cut. All the bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are quite excited about this. It was previously offering other BS4 spec models and this is a great time for people who had initially missed that opportunity.

BMW G 310
The BS6 versions of BMW bikes.

Extra Details

Since the BS6 has come into view, it was noticed that many companies have raised the prices of the products a lot. Why? We must consider that the updates on engines cost all the extra things and therefore the cost price has also exceeded. This results in a spike in Selling price too.

But, we can be sure of the fact that BMW will cut off the price instead of increasing it for the updates G 310 GS and G 310 R.

It is believed by the creators itself and also was commented on that the G 310 twins were pricy. BS6 is a nice opportunity to rectify that.

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Price Of BMW G 310 BS6Β 

We can expect the cuts to be available from August beginning or September end onwards. The price range is to be alerted by less than a lakh, probably 75 thousand. Currently, the twin set of bikes are available for 3.2 lakhs and 3.6 lakhs.

BMW G 310
The BS6 BMW G 310 reduce in price.

After the cut, we expect both these to make a hit and prices to fall to 2.4 and 2.9 lakhs, respectively. This move is going to offend the competitors, however, because it will reduce the sale of substitute products.

For example, KTM Duke which has always been one of the top choices can no longer surpass BMW market for the time being. Who would not want a BMW? It also makes them cheaper than KTM.

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