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BTS Appears On INDIAN MEDIA TELEVISION For The Very First Time, Check Out The Hot Topic Conversation!

BTS In Conversation With Indian Media
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BTS Appears On INDIAN MEDIA TELEVISION For The Very First Time, Check Out The Hot Topic Conversation!: What can We say About BTS and its Craze amongst people as their Army is Spread all over the World? Also, in every corner. It is believed that almost 35% Of Indians Love and Follows BTS. As a result, The K-pop Boy Band Member Surprised Its Indian Audience Virtually in Conversation With Indian Media.

Though the meet was not that long, it was enough For The ARMY as they Saw their Favourites On screen. The Boy band has not been Performing on stage due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, they never fail to Entertain their Army Fans Through Their Monthly Albums. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about BTS recent Interview With Indian News Channel NDTV.

BTS In Conversation With Indian Media

BTS In Conversation With Indian Media
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For the Very First Time, An Indian Media Held a Virtual Interview With The K-pop Band BTS. The Host and Entertainment Editor At NDTV Proceed with the Interview with The Members Of the Band. The Host Started with an Introduction. ‘Hello and Welcome To NDTV. I am Rohit Khelwani; this is a Very Special Show with a Very Special Guest. First Time On Indian Television, BTS, This show is called BTS TV.” Rohit then Welcomed the star Guest By saying, “Welcome.” To Which the K-pop Boy band Member Replied ‘Namaste (Hello In Hindi) We are BTS.’

The Host Didn’t fail To Consider the BTS army and Stated India Loves them, and here the Army is Named as BTS INIDA. J Hope said that he Loves India and Indian BTS Army, and he misses them the most. Whereas kimseokjin, also known as Jin, said, “We Know that many Fans In India Sends Us a lot of support and Love. Thank you for listening and relating to music.” He continued, “We Think that we connect on a deeper level through music, and that transcends language and barriers.” “Even Though We can’t see each other at the moment, We want to tell you how thankful we are for you.” He added.

In comparison, The Host mentioned that BTS Fans In India Made their Most-Watched Song ‘DYNAMITE’ No.1 In India For No less than 50 Days. Ladies Man RM Replied ‘first of all, thank you for the Love and support, even though we haven’t been there. You know it’s not easy. I think there’s only one thing if we Adore the army In India.”

BTS Members Expressing Concern On CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus has been the most talked Topic after Celebrities Breakups, Patch-ups, hook-ups, and Pregnancy. Hence the worldwide Pandemic has become the most Controversial Topic now in the World. The NDTV Host and the Entertainment Editor mentioned the Serious topic ahead of the band members.

As a result, he asked them how they managed with The COVID-19 and what role the music plays. To Which Suga Stated. ” I think more than ever, during this global pandemic, Music Transcends barriers, nationalities, and age.” It’s Encouraging for us to hear how our music gave some energy. Through a difficult period, he added.

How Does BTS Motivate Themselves?

BTS In Conversation With Indian Media
source: Hollywood Reporter

According to the band members, it’s their lovely fans who keep them Motivated and Energetic in hard times as always. Moreover, they are blessed to have a much loving audience whom they call ARMY. Also, the audience’s cheer and voices keep them awake and ready for upcoming challenges. As a result, it’s an Emotional and Overwhelming experience for all of them.

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