BTS Big Success and Why It Couldn’t Win Grammy This Year? Check it out now! Have a look at it one.
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BTS Big Success And Why It Couldn’t Win Grammy This Year? Check It Out Now!

BTS Big Success And Why It Couldn’t Win Grammy This Year? Check It Out Now!:

BTSEven if you are not a big fan of pop music, there’s no chance that you haven’t heard of K Pop boy band BTS. The bands are making the headlines every day ever single their famous single dynamite released. And recently it made it in the billboard top 100 lists. And they were on no. 1 for several weeks. Check out everything you need to know.

BTS Big Success This Year!

You might know how β€˜dynamite’ broke several big music records. It is one of the most famous songs even now since its release. It had even made in the US billboard chart 100 being on no. 1.


For the first two weeks, it was on no. 1. Then it fell to number two in the third week and on number four in the fourth week. However, it backed it up being on number one again in the first week of October.

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BTS first started in 2015 and got recognised in late 2016. However, they started getting international fame from 2017 and they roping all the music lists ever since.


BTS is killing it with their songs and meanwhile are maintaining to be on the top of every music list released this year. The have made in the top in the bts army as well. People can get enough of it when it comes to K pop and BTS.


However, the band was even nominated in the Grammy and Emmys. But, American radio DJs have expressed some bizarre yet specific reasons for not giving the band more air time. What do you think about? What do you think could be the reason they failed to win the grammy?

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