BTS: Jin’s Comment on Jungkook’s Picture Mistranslated and Reached a Whole New Sexy Level! Check it out now.

BTS: Jin’s Comment on Jungkook’s Picture Mistranslated And Reached A Whole New Sexy Level!

BTS: Jin’s Comment on Jungkook’s Picture Mistranslated And Reached A Whole New Sexy Level!: BTS can never fail to be on the headlines. May it be for their new super hit song, their cute interviews or their savage reply on a comment. Recently, Jin’s comment on a bts post is going viral. Fans are going crazy for it. Check everything you need to know about it.

What is BTS all about?

BTS is a group of seven boys who are from South Korea. They sing song and rap. The band was founded in 2013 and went off coming in the public eye since 21017 mainly. The last song, dynamite broke several records this year.


BTS member Jin commented on an ARMY member’s post where they were gushing over Jungkook. However, his comment was Misinterpreted and translated in another way. According to the reports, the word was savage af.

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Although we don’t have much proof about it, since it took almost one week for people to translate the actual saying, however, even after the real meaning was mistranslated, however, it was so sassy that it blew everyone’s mind.


A fan took to the platform on Junkook’s yellow shirt picture, which went viral recently. The fan was gushing over Junkook as he wrote a big paragraph.


To that, Jin instantly replied who’s actual meaning was ‘wherein the earth did this come from’ which was then mistranslated to ‘where the hell did you come from’. After this fans went wild over his boldness and sassiness.


However, when later it came to people’s confirmation that it was not the actual meaning. Fans still started praising for Jin to say what he said. What do you think about it?

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