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BTS leaves everyone’s behind, ranks no. 1 after release of new single ‘Dynamite’

BTS, the famous Korean pop music band recently on 21 August related their new single ‘Dynamite’. Although it hasn’t been long after the release of the song and it has already broken several world records.


BTS initially had a free variety web series that was called Run BTS. BTS first premiered their song in 2015. Since then, BTS has won millions of hearts throughout the world. People see a different side of the groups in interviews, their songs and at social media. Fans are in absolute love with this group.

BTS breaks every record.

According to the Forbes reports, the premiere of the song got 4 million making it most viewed premiere on YouTube. Soon after the upload of the new single BTS received over 100 million views in one single day, it is also the first video on YouTube which got 2 million in just 14 minutes. However, YouTube is not the only place the band broke its record. It is now the no. One song on Spotify. It has received 7.7 million streams in a single day.


Not just on YouTube and Spotify, the band is smashing the record everywhere. BTS is the first and the only band in Korea to be ranked no. On Spotify in top 50 charts. And no. On iTunes for over a week now. BTS received 100s no.1 in one single day at iTunes.

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After the release of the new single, fans are going wild. The song has broken the internet like nothing else. People are going crazy after the song and the singers. It is revealed that their other song  TIME will be releasing a special edition featuring BTS at the end of July 2020. The 96-page book will feature a compilation of interviews BTS partook in over the years, art, photos, and articles. What do you think about BTS new single?

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