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Bungie Games: Is Destiny 3 In Development? Rumours And Leaks

Destiny 2

Bungie Games: Destiny 3: Bungie accidentally has hinted release date for Destiny 3Β in its surprise announcement of 2020 plans for destiny2. The announcement was a part of DestinyΒ  Director’s 2020 Cut.

Destiny 3 Development

Bungie has many plans for 2020, butΒ Destiny 3Β is apparently not one of them according to theΒ blog entry. One of the reasons among many in the delay of the game is that they are spending more of their resources in sustaining Destiny2.

Destiny 2 is the third world’s largest game clocking in 165 gigabytes behind modern warfare and Red dead redemption. A high official once said, “It can’t be keep growing indefinitely”. So now they have decided to remove some content to add new content.

Bungie Games: Destiny 3

Bungie has also been working on a project named Matter. This is their other game. Bungie said they want to be a multi-game studio by 2025.

The release date for Destiny 3 has not been revealed until now. The post references time “beyond” 2020. This strengthens the argument that Destiny 3Β won’t happen in 2021 either – thoughΒ Destiny 3Β developmentΒ is already underway according to a source well-known for their reliability inΒ DestinyΒ leaks.

Rumours And Leaks (Bungie Games: Destiny 3)

We are citing the leaks from an anonymous account. This account has been credible in providing the leaks of Forsaken when it wasn’t even a thing at all. It said that warlord will be shooting a laser beam from his hand, the titan will carry a giant fire an axe and the hunter will have a staff that will block bullets. it also leaked about 9 new subclasses and 2 new locations in D2.

What did it say about Destiny 3? It said Guardians will be able to ‘use’ Darkness in some ways and there would be open-world areas with both PvP and PvE content, a first for the franchise. The insider said these would be areas where players can fight to conquer territory rather than something like The Division’s Dark Zone.

Bungie Games: Destiny 3

It also said that Destiny 3 is gonna be more hardcore and RPG-based than Destiny 2. It added that Destiny 3 if everything goes right, will not be suitable for casual players. Players who hop on for a few hours a week will ultimately abandon the game.”They are going balls out with RPG stuff “.

It leaked about the launching of four new planets. All the planets will be from our solar system. One of the planets it revealed is Europa(common name of a moon of Jupiter). It said that revealing the name of other planets is a little too early at this moment.

But when asked about the release date, it initially said the game will be available in 2020. Later the anonymous account deletes the post and deleted all its other accounts.

Bungie Games: Destiny 3

Though we cannot say that whatever the account has posted about Destiny 3 is completely reliable. But if the rumours about the next instalment in the series are true, Destiny 3 will certainly be worth the time of the eagerly waiting users.

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