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California Officer Charged With Manslaughter!


California Officer Charged With Manslaughter: San Leandro police officer murdered 33-year-old Black man( STEVEN TAYLOR )inside a Walmart store on 18th April. Taylor shoots and killed by San Leandro Police Officer Jason Fletcher.

San Leandro police went to the store after getting a complaint on call from a security guard of Local Walmart Store that Taylor was trying to escape without paying a penny to the Departmental store.

When Police reached, they found no sign of robbery. Instead, officers encountered Taylor, holding a baseball bat inside the store. CBS SAN FRANCISCO reported that Taylor tried.


CCTV Footage of Departmental store shows that Police was asking Taylor to drop the baseball bat. Officers use Tasers(gun) on Taylor twice, but he continued to move towards the officers.

Police requested Taylor to drop baseball bat, but Taylor continues to hold the bat. After requesting many times, Fletcher shoots Taylor in his chest, thereby making him drop baseball bat.

San Leandro Police Officer Charged With Manslaughter In Fatal Shooting Of Bat-Wielding Man Inside Walmart – CBS San Francisco


Taylor’s Grandmother said that person who killed his Grandson must be given punishment. Taylor’s family said that he was suffering from a mental health crisis, and the role of Police is to safeguard his life rather than posing a threat.

The family of San Leandro demanding Justice and now, the District Attorney charged Fletcher with manslaughter I .e.unlawfully killing of any person. Fletcher asked to appear in the court on 15th September.

WITNESSES, EVIDENCE OF SEVERAL PEOPLE: Statements of several witnesses and including police officers, physical evidence shows that Fletcher violates ”Penal Code Section 192(a), Voluntary Manslaughter.

” People said that Taylor did not pose a threat of death or bodily injury to Officer Fletcher or to anyone else in the store. People said that the job of Police is to safeguard the life of the community rather than posing a threat, but Attorney of Fletcher Michael Rains said that Fletcher only feared for his life and defended himself.

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Last week, police officers in Kenosha shot black mam seven times on his black and now another case of voluntary manslaughter.

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