Call Of Duty 2020 Rumors – Nuketown, Jungle And Many More Characters Are Coming Back!

Call Of Duty 2020: About The Game

I think call of duty is one of the oldest games which has been an all-time Bangalore. Call of Duty has been popular in almost every country since the first time it came out in early 2000. It has come up with so many versions with some side ones and the main series obviously.

I think the cold war and modern warfare has gained a lot of popularity for various reasons. I remember being really freaked out about the various Easter eggs, including the bunkers.

Plus, this first-person shooter game isn’t that easy to play. There have been players who are on it and have spent hundreds of hours over it. I actually really love the story background, it’s really unique, and the graphics are one of the best too.

Call Of Duty 2020 Cold War
Call Of Duty Cold War

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Rumours About The 2020 Additions

After the 2019 version, there is still another Cold War, including the Black ops coming. It won’t be here anytime soon, but you bet there have been leaks as always. If you play the game, you must have noticed the teasers all over warfare!

Now, There are so many leaks that it is really hard to know which one is legit. AK, 1911, colt revolver, and M16 are some newly available weapons to come up. UAV, Digs, Chopper Runner, and a few other killstreaks are known till now.

Call Of Duty 2020 Cold War
The Maps Make A Return

Call Of Duty 2020 Release DetailsΒ 

There was so much going on about the actual release of the 2020 COD release version. Actually, lots of fans were absolutely sure that a reveal was to take place on the PS5 revelation date. The idea seems to be possible.

Plus, the classic Black ops maps are making a return! The maps were the favorite part of the gamers because that’s what makes it more interesting. It’s almost nostalgic. Are you prepared for the release?

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