Call Of Duty 2020: Warzone Now At The Tips Of Your Fingers!


Call Of Duty: Warzone

This is the part from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, but the real catch is that you don’t need to purchase Call Of Duty Warzone. This amazing video game came out recently, early this year itself on March 10.

You can play Call of Duty on various platforms, PlayStation, PC, Xbox One. It’s basically a battle royale game, obviously free to play. Set particularly on the city of eastern Ukraine, it has some amazing graphics.

Call Of Duty has a lot to offer. Those who cannot afford the PlayStation or Xbox version get the app over smartphones. Though not as good, it still compensates enough.

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Warzone Tips And Tricks

With the warzone here just in time, are you looking for some quick tricks and tips to help you get through? You’re just in time. Listed below are some of the important ones you cannot afford to miss out:

  • Always check the map, I cannot stress this enough. Right as it begins, open up the battle royale map to be very sure where the shrinking gas circle is. Clear information goes a long way, you’ll know exactly where to aim.
  • Be keen on sharing your resources. This might sound confusing but let me explain. Since the basic aim for individual players is joining squads, this goes a long way.
  • If you have played Apex Legends you will know of this point, keep pinging your squad members. Sharing information is always helpful.
  • Be careful from the gas mask. It can protect you at Endgame but it can obviously cause you inconvenience while your fire at the opposing team.
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Extra Tips For The Game

Above, we see some really detailed tips for a smooth gameplay. Apart from that, here are some extras too.

Cut or pop your chute so that you drop pretty quick, an early start means a lot. Don’t just keep on hoarding up a lot of cash but always grab the opportunity to pick contracts whenever possible.

Keep playing the game to get through with all the tips, and you might come up with some hacks too!

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