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Call Of Duty Game: Players Permanently Banned For Cheating

Call Of Duty: Old is gold. Call of Duty started in 2013. It is a shooting game published by Activision. Since then there is a massive fan base for this game. This game is originally based on world war 2. People love to play their WarZone mode. Hence due to coronavirus lockdown, this game again gets a high rush. Meanwhile, Activision announced strict rules. As a result in call of Duty game players get permanently banned for cheating. Here is the full story:-

Cheating Rules

There were a lot of players complaining about cheating in this game. Reports say there were too many ways to hack this game. Cheaters easily use some codes or technique to hack this game. Likewise Aimbot an automated enemy shooting software, Wallhacks a wall modification hack to see behind the wall and so many.

Call Of Duty

Activision acknowledges that and changes some strict rules to ban this kind of hackers. Call of Duty also improves its system to control glitches and cheating. Activision said they were setting a team to monitor the game 24 hours.

Call Of Duty: Permanent Ban

Ban form game is the most strict punishment for a gamer. Banned players are not able to play the game with same I’d again. In this case, On 1 April Activision takes massive action. As per sources claims they banned nearly 50,000 players in a single day.

Call Of Duty

These players were using some kind of hack in WarZone. As we know WarZone is a call of duty most famous segment. Certainly, these players are cheating in this mode. Activision also said they are going to ban some more players.

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Call Of Duty: Ban Effect

Using hacks in games is not good. It’s unethical. That makes an unfair play. That’s why Activision acted like this. People say it is a needed action to control cheating in games. Subsequently, this seems to effective too. As a result, it also conveys a message to players who use gaming hacks in other game. These rules make a fair play in a gaming competition. It improves the quality of paid gaming competitions. It also makes gaming platform a bit more smooth.

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