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Call Of Duty: Mobile Introduced Its New Steel Legion And Bring Back Warfare, And New Characters!

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty Updates

Call Of Duty is a free-to-play First-person shooting game. The game is developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision. The game is both for the Android users ad iOS users. This game was released on October 1, 2019. This is the only game to hit 148 million downloads. Also, the game got 54 million dollars of money. So, it is the only game which is the most massive mobile game launch in history.

At the time of the game launch, many features were revealed. And as promised fans experienced the same of the console games. The main aspect of the game was to take some aspects of the franchise’s games. Also, it allows the players to access from their mobile devices. The game has many characters to play with. It also has maps and game modes from the other games in the series.

Call Of Duty
The new features expected in the upcoming update of Call Of Duty.

About Game Modes

Players also have different control settings, which are used to change their preferences. In November 2019, a new mode was added to the game, which is “zombie”. This mode will follow the classic Call Of Duty Survival game. Thus, it is the formula where players can have endless waves of zombies. So, it makes players survive as long as possible. The Rode mode was also introduced so that players must defeat some zombies before getting the final bosses.

Also, the season was added with some new weapons and new characters. But, it seems like the game developers are not satisfied with the additions. The company released a video on their twitter about the latest update. In the video, there was the terrain and a tower, which is showing the way for Rust map in the game.

Call Of Duty
The new season with Steel Legion in Call Of Duty.

Twitter VideoΒ 

This is a clue for the Call Of Duty, that the Rust map will be opening for the next update of the game. Also, a rust map is available for test servers. They also shared a gameplay video of this new map on Youtube. The Rust Map contains 12 different types of zones.

Unfortunately, there is no update about the release, but the stable version will be arriving soon. In the Modern Welfare level, everything is available for an oil refinery in the middle of the dessert. It also includes pipelines and flat surfaces.

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