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Call Of Duty: Warzone And Modern Warfare Season 3 In Full Swing!

Warzone And Modern Warfare Season 3
The new Warzone And Modern Warfare Season 3 with all the update.

It has been only a month since Call Of Duty: Warzone released. The multiplayer battle game has quickly reached over 50 million users in 30 days. The third season of Modern Warfare kick-started on 8th April. It appears that both Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 3 is in full swing and functioning at their best.

The introduction of new guns, maps and battle passes has fueled the excitement among the fans. Along with extra maps and battle pass rewards, Activision has also launched a Quads mode for warzone. The players will be receiving two free weapons as a part of the battle cross. The guns are the Renetti sidearm and the SKS marksman rifle. According to Season 3, the Renzetti has proven to be the best sidearm has outshone all the other pistol in the game. It is said to have been based on the real world Beretta-M9.

Call  of Duty
The image is the gameplay of Call Of Duty.

Warzone And Modern Warfare Season 3: All New

The Renzetti is one of the two autonomous weapons on offer. A well rounded 9mm pistol that is excellent at any close-range combat. It can make up for your primary weapon slot. The Russian made SKS Marksman rifle will be preferable for players who favour utility over accuracy. All the weapons will be custom made fitted with several Gunsmith configurations.

In addition to lethal weapons, the users will now play as the brand new Operator. This will be possible as soon as you buy the battle cross or battle cross bottle. Simultaneously, you will be able to get new skins and shirtless pores for Yegor.

As you play through the season, you will unlock more and more rewards. These rewards will include Operator skins, weapons blueprints, and many more exciting extras. If you buy the battle cross, then you will be price 1000 Name Of Responsibility factors. For those who choose to buy the battle, a cross bundle will be charged 2400 Name Of Responsibility Factors.

Which Is The Best Setup For Warzone?

  1. Β Primary Weapon – M4A1 Assault Rifle.

The assault rifle is still one of the most beautiful guns made in the call of duty series. And it is a highly recommended primary weapon.Β  The M4A1 comes along with a Corvus custom marksman (barrel), 4.0*Flip Hybrid Optic, Forged TAC CQS, granulated grip tape, and the commando foregrip.

Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 3
The third season of the Call Of Duty.

2. Secondary Weapon- R9-0 Shotgun’

This lethal weapon in your backpack will make you the close combat expert. From finishing off a downed opponent to clearing out a building, the R9-0 can do almost everything

3. Grenades: Lethal-Frag Grenade, Tactical: Smoke Grenade

When it comes to grenades, you have to be careful with your choices. For Lethal, the frag grenade makes the perfect fit. The frag grenade can be cooked off anytime anywhere blowing the opponent to bits. For tactical advantage, the smoke grenade goes perfectly. From covering an open area or for setting up an ambush, the smoke grenade is your best best bet.

4. Perks: Your three perks will as follows

EOD for increased damage resistance


Tracker for hearing enemy footsteps and getting a rough idea as to where he is hiding.

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