Call Of Duty : Warzone Bunkers, What To Expect

COD Warzone
COD Warzone

Call of Duty: WarzoneΒ is the new hot topic! With so many Easter eggs hidden across the game, it was released just recently. March 2020 marked the beginning.

After pondering over for a long enough time, I’m still questioning – Why is Riley back from Call of Duty Ghost? What are all these new operators? Most importantly, what’s going on with the Bunkers?

Call Of Duty Easter Eggs

There are so many of these items hidden and spread across the map, that identifying them and figuring out their uses is going to be quite difficult. First comes the telephones which sound like somebody has cut off the wiring on the other side. Then, computers.

The combination of both of these things could actually be connected to the bunkers. How? Well, some players have figured out that codes on the computers (an important requirement) connected to these bunkers.

Call of Duty: Warzone has over 30 million players less than two ...

The 12 Bunkers

Yes, you read that right. 12 Bunkers, marked from 0 to 11, all of these have been placed in a particular order in the map. They circle the area in a clockwise manner. The numerical order is specifically ascending, which means 11th bunker at the end of the edge? No!

The 11th bunker is placed at the centre top of the map. Could it be because of very the ‘classified’ reasons? Some smart player looked up for the game’s codes and found very classified information. The cut-off words appear as [REDACTED].

The basic structure of these things is normal, as they so appear. With a panel door at the front, it requires the player to put in a code. Nonetheless, we have no clue what this code can be. Most importantly in the 11th bunker, you can’t even type the code beside the panel door. Are we yet to discover the code? Or do we have to put together the pieces to crack the Easter eggs?

Suspicion Intensifies at the Statues

The discovery of some really weird and massive statues have also arisen suspicion. Around three of these have has currently been discovered but there might be more of them. All the figures have some Russian Script on them with dates.

β€’ Statue 1- Liberators
β€’ 2nd at the south side of the park – Fallen for their Homeland
β€’ 3rd (South hills) – Eternal memories.

Now, the real reason why we might think they are linked with bunkers is because of a strange logo. A black logo appears on both sides of the script written in Russian. Well wouldn’t you know it, the logos are also on walls of the Bunkers!

Obviously, it will not be a very easy job to get hold of the codes, but it has to be something big. And I mean something amazing because it’s we have noticed that the value of loot around the bunker are more. Is this just a rumour? Or is the loot really worth more around there? Guess you just have to play in order to know!

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