Cam Newton Is Officially A Patriot Now Latest Update


The American football quarterback Cam Newton is officially a Patriot now!

Cam Newton has had a sensational career so far and now he is officially a member of the New England Patriots.

As per the league transaction wire, Newton signed his contract on Wednesday.

1-year deal with Patriots

Cam Newton Is Officially A Patriot Now

The player had not been in any team since March this year. Now he has officially joined New England Patriots.

Newton has reportedly signed a 1-year deal with the team worth $7.5 million.

The rumours about him joining the team have been going on for a while now, but it finally got official on Wednesday.

The team that he has joined has won 11 AFC East championships consecutively.

Cam Newton’s new jersey

Although his team has changed, obviously his jersey number has not. Yes. That’s 1.

Cam Newton has donned Number 1 throughout his career while playing with the Carolina Panthers. Now that he is with the New England Patriots, he will still be wearing the same jersey number.

Of course, Twitter could not let it go without cracking a few jokes. Especially when New England’s mascot, Pat Patriot had become synonymous with the number.

One person tweeted, β€œWhat did Pat Patriot get for giving up his number?”

Another one tweeted, β€œWell Cam is wearing number one for the pats. I hope Pat Patriot knows this cause I think he’s gonna be pissed.”

While jokes go on, we still do not know what number Pat Patriot will be wearing in 2020.

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