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Camryn Clifford Releases Video Revealing Reason Behind Death Of Husband Camryn Clifford ! Know It Here !

Camryn and Landon
Source: NY Post

Landon Clifford Died Of Suicide, Says Camryn Clifford

Landon Clifford left the world, leaving many of his fans confused and shocked. The YouTuber earlier had a brain injury but that did not lead to his instead death. Instead, he battled for his life in a coma. However, after knowing about brain injury, people were curious to know about the accident that leads to this tragic incident. His wife, Camryn Clifford has decided to come out with the story of his death which has seriously shocked many people. She revealed that the reason for the death of his 19-year0old husband was suicide.

Camryn and Landon
Source: NY Post

Camryn Clifford Reveals Landon Clifford Suffered From Mental Health Issues

Camryn Clifford released a YouTube video to give the backstory behind what led to Ladon committing suicide. She revealed that Landon is a person who has been suffering from mental health issues for a very long time. This was the reason why he thought it was better to end life than live it with agony. She said in her video, β€œHe has had mental health issues for as long as I have known him. He suffered from anxiety and depression. He has ADHD which he has had since he was a little boy, so his whole life he’s always just kind of struggled with his emotions and just the way his brain was wired.”

Landon Clifford Asked Pardon For Everything From Camryn Clifford

Camryn revealed in her video that she sensed something wrong when Landon apologized to him for everything. However, she didn’t follow up on her instincts and he eventually hung himself. She said, β€œHe said that he was sorry for everything he put me through. It was really hard on me when I was pregnant and he was heavy in his addiction and he really just wasn’t himself at that time. He was just apologizing to me for everything. I could tell he was putting a lot of blame on himself.”

Camryn Clifford Is Left With Two Kids After The Death Of Landon Clifford

Landon and Camryn have two daughters. One is two years old while the other came to this world this May. With the death of Landon, Camryn has to keep herself strong to raise her children.

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