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Can There Be A Sequel To Enola Holmes? Millie Bobby Brown Answers It


Will There Be More Of The Victorian Teen Detective?

Can There Be A Sequel To Enola Holmes? Millie Bobby Brown Answers It: Netflix has just dropped its newest original film, Enola Holmes. Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill-led film may very well be the start of a new series for the streaming site. It has already earned a 90% aggregate critical ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. Enola Holmes is an adaptation of a young adult book series.

The author is Nancy Springer. There is enough content for an Enola Holmes sequel with six books in the set.

Brown found great complexity and potential for evolution in character, not unlike what she witnessed on another project.

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“I always said I loved playing Eleven because I didn’t just do one thing and then stop playing her and love that I can continually play her, and with the Enola book series. I really am optimistic about the future. I’m so looking forward to getting back to work.”

The Enola Holmes Mysteries!

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Enola Holmes has been a hit with critics. Many considered the Netflix movie to be a refreshing take on the world. Some wanted mysteries as we see in Sherlock Holmes stories. Others commended the depiction of his sister- Millie Bobby Brown. Fans and critics enjoyed how the film concentrated on her perspective at the turn of the 20th century as a young woman. The social problems sometimes ignored in other adaptations of Sherlock Holmes.

It is the case of Nancy Springer and The Enola Holmes Mysteries, a book series that introduced a third Holmes brother. Enola Holmes is the youngest Holmes. She lived with her mother all her life and stopped seeing her children-Sherlock and Mycroft. After her mother’s disappearance, Enola’s career as a detective began. It made way for a reunion with her brothers after not seeing each other for a decade. Six books, released between 2006 and 2010, make up the series. Enola has made the transition to film.

Β “There’s more of the story to be told.Β The story isn’t over yet,” Brown told Deadline. “She isn’t grown up, there’s no conclusion. I think she’ll forever be someone who is always evolving, but there’s definitely more to be shown on screen. Harry and I loved working together, so this has to happen.” You hear that, Netflix?

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