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Captured! Jungkook and Iu, Seen Together by Paparazzi

Jungkook and Iu
Jungkook and Iu

Jungkook and IU are the most famous and trending couple in Hollywood. People love their sizzling chemistry. They are so adorable that fans can never get enough of them. Recently, the couple was captured on camera together. However, they have never confirmed officially if they are dating. You can check out their picture below.

Here is the most recent picture of Jungkook and IU together.

About Jungkook and his IU

Likewise, the duo is often seen hanging and chilling out. Jungkook is one of the most talent Korean Pop singers the industry has. He is also a major part and youngest member of the K-Pop group BTS. IU is a popular singer, songwriter and actress. She is always in the limelight for her acting skills and good looks. IU has also hosted a couple of shows and starred in television dramas such asΒ  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Dream High, etc. Her dressing and fashion skills are applauded by everyone. Jungkook and IU enjoy a massive fan following worldwide.

K-Pop star Jungkook says that IU is his ideal partner.

The picture of the duo clicked in a beautiful moment.

Jungkook has always been vocal about her IU in public. As the two of them are often together, it is speculated that they are dating. Many celebrities like to keep their mouths shut on their private life. Still, Jungkook has made it very clear that he likes her. In an interview, he told that the first-ever album that he bought was of IU. He was very happy and even had her signature on it. Initially, he was shy in front of her, but now he has managed to maintain his cool. Jk has male idols like Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth, but when asked about a female, his heart has only one name. For him, she is her ideal match. Similarly, IU never shies away from being clicked together. She is always seen happy with him.

One thing is for sure that they are very close and comfortable with each other.

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