Cardi B And Wiz Khalifa Calls Out Each Other. Cardi Exposed Wiz Khalifa By Sharing Old Chats!

The internet is becoming a war place. Two incredibly successful superstars are turning against each other. The Wiz Khalifa and Cardi B drama is taking an ugly turn. Can’t are shooked yet entertained by the scandal. Wiz called out Cardi B after she made it in the Grammys which created a whole lot of mess with Cardi later responding and making things even worst. Their entire fandom is against each other on the moment. Check out everything you need to know about it.


According to Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa is extremely Hypocritic and is trying to turn successful women against each other. Especially after he tweeted something saying that she deserves Grammy whereas Nikky Minaj does. Soon after he tweeted this, it went viral on the internet, making things messier and creating fandom against each other.


Talking from the start, the whole mess started with the Grammy’s thing. Craft B recently made in the Grammys and that pissed many fellow actors. Wiz Khalifa, on the other hand, started a fire on the internet with tweeting that β€˜Cardi B winning Grammy is a proof that Grammy is a sh*t, and that they don’t know anything about music’, which means that Grammy’s is not done on a fair basis and is bribed.

Cardi B Vs Wiz Khalifa

This created big chaos on the internet after Wiz rudely called out Cardi. He even called her undeserving. The entire fandom of Cardi turned against Wiz. With fans calling out and bashing him saying that he is turning women against each other.

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And if you think Cardi had nothing to say about it, then you are wrong. Cardi just went all out and exposed Wiz Khalifa. She uploaded a screenshot from her dm with Wiz in 2016. In the chat, Wiz was trying to support Cardi B and her work. To that screenshot, Cardi said that she couldn’t believe in the hypocrisy level of this man.


She then tweeted by saying that people support you when you are nothing. But when you make it they just can’t accept it. She referred to Wiz and claimed that he is one of the most Hippocratic people she has one across. And he can’t get the fact that she made into Grammys.


The War just went on none stop. Which later Wiz, tweeting β€˜there’s something with these self-made celebs’. Things got way lot messier when the screenshot went viral. Viewers started taking sides with thousands and thousands of people supporting Cardi B as fans could see the chats where Wiz said one thing and completely flipped years back.


Fans bashed Wiz Khalifa for his tweet and started trolling him on all his social media platforms. Fans claimed that he is just Jr Lepus of Cardi’s success and that is the only reason she is trying to make two successful women’s against each other.


“I don’t understand why n–as entertain tweets that pit successful women against each other? Ya not tired of that? Especially when you was rooting hard when a bitch was at the bottom,” Cardi made a final tweet after which Wiz didn’t respond yet.


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