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Cardi B Gives The Best Commentary On Presidential Debate

Cardi B Instagram Commentary series on presidential debate
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Cardi B Gives The Best Commentary On Presidential Debate: Last night Presidential debate was just a little much too handle or to watch. Donald Trump went overboard with his scoundrel and squirted dangerous lies, while Joe Biden decided to stick to facts while answering.

Cardi B hot commentary on Presidential debate
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Guess we found the silver lining from the hot debate, with Cardi B commentary.

Cardi B Commentary

Cardi B on Instagram portrayed just how maddening the debate was, by adding her commentary to the discussion.

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Cardi released her 11 video series, with the help of her high-school basketball coach. Also, the rapper was in total support of Joe Bidden in a passionate pep talk.

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Guess the rapper didn’t like Trump bullying Joe. With the disastrous debate up folds, you can see Cardi getting more and more infuriated.

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Cardi even scream at Trump, “That’s the wrong answer!”. In the debate, Trump has denied the allegations of only payingΒ $750 in federal income taxes. This happening during the year he was elected, according to an investigation by the New York Times.


Cardi even remarked that Trump doesn’t care about the environment when he dodged the question of climate change.

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Like let’s talk about the economy recovery!

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At multiple points, her high-decibel screams of frustration become entirelyΒ evident. She was in full support of Joe Biden and even supported his facts based question and answers.

The End Of Cardi B series

In the end, of the series, Cardi was exhausted from all the screaming and frustration. The last video was filmed on her bed where Cardi used the anime filter.

Besides, they expressed her feeling about Trump coming to Biden’s son and about the personal attack by Trump against Hunter Biden, currently struggling with addiction.

The video ended with Cardi m B suggesting Biden should have consulted her before the debate as she had some quiet roosting and fun points for his support.

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