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Castlevania Season 3: Overall Review, Plot Details, Spoilers!


Castlevania anime series, an adaptation of popular video game series, season 3 was released on 5 March. Many pondered on what this season will have to offer after the main character Dracula died in Season 2. Did he somehow resurrect in Season?

We answer all the questions and give you a detailed plot of seaon3 and much more. And if you haven’t seen the season yet, then watch it now and restrict yourselves to the initial paragraphs dealing with the story of Castlevania.

What Is The Story Of Castlevania?

It is a story about a vampire named Vlad Dracula who lived his life alone. Later he falls in love with a human woman Lisa. She was a scientist by profession. They married and had a son named Alucard. To her village, people thought of her to be a witch and burnt her alive. This enraged Dracula and he sought war against humanity. In order to prevent that war, outcast monster hunter Trevor Belmont takes up arms against Dracula’s forces, aided by the magician Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s son Alucard and so the war between vampires and humans begins.


Season 3

Belmont and Sorcerer continued their journey and stopped at a village where they find mysterious activities of a night creature. Meanwhile, Alucard manages the castle and Belmont β€˜s house. After Dracula’s death, Carmilla returns to her home with Hector as a prisoner to build her army to fill the void left by Dracula. Issac, who was saved by the Dracula, began building his army to fight back against those who betrayed and killed Dracula.

Sub Plots

There are four parallel plots in this season of 10 episodes-

Trevor and Sypha

Trevor and Sypha arrive in the walled village of Lindenfeld, where people are obsessed with apples and buying apples and eating apples, etc. A creepy cult led by prior Sala is conducting some kind of strange business inside the dilapidated monastery. They with the support of the Judge and Count Saint Germain discovers the priory’s dark secret: they have a demon locked away in their dungeon.
What did they find? Cult summoned a door to the Infinite Corridor that leads to Hell, where they hope to find Dracula and bring him back to Earth. But heroes were able to close the door to Hell and keep Dracula from coming through. But the battle leaves the town destroyed and its villagers dead.


Isaac collects the army and encounters humans because they are coming in between.
He has a final battle with a magician who controls the full one city. He defeats them, and then through the forge, he makes his own army.
Isaac faces off against an unnamed magician in episode 9, defeating him and putting an end to his reign of terror (the magician enslaved the people from nearby villages and forced them to build him a city). We never learn who this magician is, but it’s likely that he’s just a nod to the many evil wizards that have appeared in the history of Castlevania.


Taka and Sumi ask the dhampir to teach them how to become vampire killers. The partnership goes well at first, as Alucard teaches the young hunters how to fight and then introduces them to the Belmont family’s monster-hunting archive. But Taka and Sumi assumed their teacher(being a vampire) will betray them. So Taka and Sumi hatch a plan to murder the Alcardo and take the castle for themselves. The young hunters fail, their throats cut by Alucard’s sword before they can thrust daggers into his heart. This marked the beginning of him becoming his father Dracula.


Carmilla & Hector

Captured by Carmilla and forced to trek hundreds of miles in the cold while being beaten and tortured, Hector spends season 3 in a cell below the vampire’s castle in Styria, Austria. While Hector expects that he’ll eventually be killed or perhaps fed upon. Carmilla is now with her court of vampire β€” Lenore, Morana, and Striga. Lenore decides to befriend, and later seduce, Hector in order to make him do her bidding. Hector, failing to learn from Carmilla’s betrayal, is fooled by Lenore’s charm, eventually falling in love with her. While making love in Hector’s cell, Lenore tricks the Forgemaster and slipped on a β€œslave ring” as Hector declares that he belongs to his vampire lover. The ring casts a spell that binds Hector to Lenore, who can now command him to do as she pleases. Now they have a man to build them a powerful army.


The edition was a treat of visuals, as usual. Without even Dracula, the story was gripping. The fight scenes were not too long or too short. The scenes where Isaac talk about humanity was nice. Alucard only lamented in this edition. His character was least developed this time. Overall, it was yet another great edition.

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