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CDC Changed The New COVID Rules! Latest Uptades

Dr Anthony Fauci & Robert Redfield
Source: NPR

CDC Changed The New COVID Rules!:Β Ever since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention i-e the CDC updated their website solely for Coronavirus updates, people have been relying on it as it is a credible source. Moreover, the officialsΒ are regularly updating the rules and guidelines of living in a pandemic.

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Let us dig onto the details of these new rules and guidelines.

The Suggestions

On Friday, the officials majorly updated their guidance target towards the people who can’t afford the hospitals and are fighting the virus at home. The officials talked about how long the previously infected should remain in quarantine after the infection.

CDC Office
Source: Wall Street Journal

If a person has tested positive for COVID 19, s/he should entirely isolate themselves for ten days after the symptoms kick in. If it’s been 24 hours without the fever, and without the help of fever-reducing medicines, and key symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath, have improved.

A person can then give another test, and if it comes negative, the infected are free.

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The Asymptomatics

If a person tests positive for COVID but doesn’t have any symptoms, the CDC offers two protocols:

  • A Time-Based Strategy
  • A Test-Based Strategy
Dr Anthony Fauci with Robert Redfield

If ten days have passed since you’ve tested, but you don’t have any symptoms, you can discontinue isolation. In the update, the CDC said:

“Because symptoms cannot be used to gauge where these individuals are in the course of their illness. It is possible that the duration of viral shedding could be longer or shorter than ten days after their first positive test.”

In case you are asymptomatic, and If the tests arrive positive, you can leave the isolation if you receive two negative tests within 24 hours.

The officials majorly updated their guidance target towards the people who can’t afford the hospitals. These people are fighting the virus at home.

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CDC Guidelines: Other Details

The CDC recommends that the people who have been exposed to the virus but haven’t tested positive or shown symptoms, still need to self-quarantine for fourteen days as it might take some time to develop the illness.

Lastly, they said:

“It is possible that a person known to be infected could leave the isolation earlier than a person who is quarantined because of the possibility they are infected.”



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