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Celebrities That Stripped Down And Got Naked To Encourage People To Vote In 2020 Presidential Election.

Things make be heated up in America due to presidential elections 2020. But some celebrities know exactly how they can woo their fans. As we all know, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are fighting for the president seat this year. With the election being one of the most important days in 4 years, celebrities can’t let even one person more vote go in vain. And hence they use all the tactics to encourage people to vote. Especially vote for the candidate they want to. However, here we are talking about the celebrities that stripped down and got naked to encourage people to vote. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Celebrities That Stripped Down

The weird trend is, however, travelling with full speed and is already performed by some of your favourite celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Tana Mongeau, Kate Beckinsale, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer LopezΒ and many more. Some celebrities have even claimed that if people vote and send her screenshots she will send him or her free nude. What a smart way of getting things done right.


However, not everyone is happy about the trend with many people opposing it. Since half of the followers, these celebrities have minors and getting to see content like this isn’t the best thing for them as well. Majority of the people with the trend and the viewed are supporting it since the cause of it is right. However, some are not here for it. Because since months nudes are been circulated all over the internet.

Lizo Took It To Another Level

Talking about some of your favourite celebrity which has been a part of this trend. Lizo Beeating, a famous black singer and rapper has taken a big step on the internet to promote voting to a large extend. She has posted a naked picture of herself with the right side of her body covered with a cloth that has the American flag printed all over it.

Picture via Instagram

Other Celebrities Following The Trend

The iconic black rapper looks sexy and confident flaunting her body. In the caption, she asks people to vote for the 2020 presidential election. Soon after the picture was uploaded it got over 15 lakh likes and thousands of comments. With some people accusing the star of using her power in the wrong way and the others supporting her.

Picture via Instagram.

Tana Mongeau did a similar thing. She posted a picture of herself half-naked. In the post, she is posing in a sexy way flaunting her curves. However, what’s the most interesting thing about it, is that she has photoshopped Biden’s face on her face. And has asked people to send her screenshots after voting for Biden. If they do they, Tana will send them free nudes. In less than 24 hours over 7 lakh people have shown their response to it.

Picture via Instagram

And that is not it, with this. More celebrities came up to encourage people to vote this year. And in some way, Β the tactics is seen to be working. Since over 5 lakh more early voters have been registered this year since the last elections. Kendal Jenner has posted a scandalous picture of her in a Halloween costume posing and faulting get the body. And asking people to vote this year no matter what.


Even Jennifer Lopez and Kate Beckinsale have posted her post voting picture in which they have stripped down. The trend is taking over more and more every single day. What do you think about it? Do you think it is the right act or just unnecessary?

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