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CEO Of Google And Alphabet Pledges $37 Million Fighting Racial Injustice Provide Critical Information!

Source: The New Yorker

CEO Of Google And Alphabet Pledges $37 Million Fighting Racial

Google is actually taking a huge step in a positive direction. It is standing by the Black lives matter movement which is going on all around the USA and is now a matter of national importance. I think it will be best to discuss the means in which Mr. Pichai, who is the CEO of Google, is taking care of the situation.

Mr. Pichai has been very sincere and vocal about the ideas which are to be adopted by Google. He had a meeting with a number of important black leaders who gave him some important advice on how to help their community.

Google has requested 37 million dollars in order to donate to some companies. Twelve million dollars will be given up to those suffering Agencies who had to take losses because of racial discrimination. And the rest of the 25 million dollars will be undertaken by some advertising companies.

CEO of Google
CEO of Google

The main goal of this is to promote equality and make people aware of all the wrong things that they must have adopted knowingly or unknowingly.

Mr. Pichai expects the nation to heal through this and is ready to extend every kind of help possible.

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The Incident Which Triggered This

The main incident which triggered the black lives matter movement was the death of George.

After his death, the entire nation started protesting. I guess the riots were a long time coming.

Composition Of Workers
Composition Of Workers

How Else Can We Promote Equality?

Google is trying to spread information and positivity all around the world. He gives some tips on how we can not be racist. It is absolutely wrong To Shame Somebody on the basis of their skin color.

People should understand what is right and not. I agree that white supremacists deserve severe punishment. The black community just wants justice, not revenge. The USA is starting to look like a racist country.

What is your opinion on this?

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