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Charlie Ely Walks Out Of Prison In Seath Jackson Murder Case !

Charlie Ely
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Seath Jackson Murder

Seath Jackson Murder is a controversial murder case which involved the murder of a 15-year-old boy named Seath Jackson. The murder was controversial because of the people involved in the murder, who were very young with some below or at their age of 18. The murder was done by 18-year-old Michael Bargo. Seath was the ex-boyfriend of a girl named Amber Wright. Things got ugly after their break, and they had a lot of fights in social media. Amber wanted to get back at Seath and her then present boyfriend Michael planned a murder along with some other people. The murder took place on April 17, 2011, in Summerfield, Florida, United States of America.

Charlie Ely
Source: Ocala

Seath Jackson Murder Story

After all the social media fights, Amber tricked Seath into meeting her to get back together as a couple. She was assisted by 18-year-old Charlie Kay Ely. He instead met her boyfriend Michael Bargo, her step-brother Kyle Hooper and a guy named Justin Soto. Together the three of them shot him and then set him on fire. Amber’s step-father assisted them in cleaning up the crime scene. They put his ash in paint cans and threw it into a river.

Seath Jackson Murder Investigation And Judgement

The police began with the investigation of finding Seath. Kyle’s mother confessed to the police about the people behind the crime. Moreover, after the investigation was complete, everyone in the crime scene was arrested. Kyle Hooper, Justin Soto, and Charlie Ely were given life imprisonment. Amber was first sentenced to life imprisonment, but later got convicted for first-degree murder. Furthermore, Michael, the planner behind the murder, was first sentenced for death which got revoked by Florida Supreme Court. The jury from Marion County sentenced him to death on April 11 2019.

Seath Jackson Murder
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Charlie Ely Set Free In Seath Jackson Murder Case

On June 17 2020, the sentence of Charlie got changed to 10-year imprisonment and has received a lesser charge of second-degree murder. However, she has already spent a lot of time in jail, and her good behaviour resulted in the court setting her free. Her lawyer said, β€œPeople are entitled to due process, and she didn’t receive it at any stage of the game. It’s a bittersweet day. This court denied her, the appellate court denied her, and we had to take it to the Federal system for somebody to finally step up and say wait a minute, this can’t happen in the United States.”


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