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Check How Japan’s Security Dilemma Increases After China’s New Missiles!

Check How Japan’s Security Dilemma Increases After China’s New Missiles!: For eight years now, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is looking for ways around Japan’s pacifist constitution to bolster the country’s military. In his last few weeks, he is planning a groundwork to allow preemptive strikes on enemy bases.Β 

On Friday, Abe’s statement on missile defence leaves a big piece of unfinished business for his top observer and likely successor, Yoshihide Suga.Β 

Yoshihide Suga is the long time chief cabinet secretary as everyone expects him to share the same passion as Abe for amending the constitution.Β 

There is China and North Korea with their growing threats. Suga needs to have a counter-strike plan.

Abe thinks to defend against ballistic missiles; new policies need to be decided by the end of this year.

As Beijing and Pyongyang are expanding stockpiles of advanced rockets, it is Tokyo’s most significant worries, among missiles. These rockets will evade defence systems and destroy allied bases.Β 

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In June, Defence Minister Taro Kono’s planned to install Lockheed Martin Corps’ Aegis Ashore missile shield over concerns about costs and safety to the host communities.

Abe says there should be new alternative policies that will be possible. He added the decision is up to whoever will win controls of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in a leadership election on Monday. There needs to be a secure interception capability to protect the country from the threat of ballistic measures.Β 

There are many options to protect the country, including to buy a weapon system capable of striking enemy missiles before they get launched. But the question arises if Suga wants to spend more money during a global pandemic.Β 

Suga has many challenges to face and makes decisions about spending too much real capital on the military capability that can get applied in very few situations.Β 

The most recent concern comes from North Korea, that’s alarming to sink Japan. North Korea fired two nuclear-capable ballistic missiles over the archipelago during a flare-up in tensions in 2017.Β 

Abe did purchase Lockheed F-35 fighter jets; in 2014, he reinterpreted the constitutions to allow Japanese self-defence forces to aid an ally under attack. He didn’t assemble enough support to amend the document.Β 

The worst thing Japan could do would be to cut back on missile defence and increase offensive strike instead.

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