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Check Out All PS4 Game Now Confirmed For PS5 ! Sony

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All Games Of PS4 Confirmed For PS5

Check Out All PS4 Game Now Confirmed For PS5! Sony: Sony released PS5 with so much fanfare even during the time of Coronavirus. While they first postponed the date, they were quick to reschedule it. PS5 launch took place like it was a product defining the generation of gaming consoles. The event made many heads turn and there was a lot of discussion after the event. However, every rumor relating to the PS4 games were finally put to rest when it was confirmed that some games from PS4 will come on  PS5. However, the games will be updated for a better experience and to make it compatible with PS5.

Source: Gadgets Unlock

PS5 Launch Event

The launch of PS5 took place on 11 June 2020. Sony had earlier planned the launch event for 4 June. However, the pandemic forced them to postpone the event. Many people were disappointed with this late delay but were excited when the launch date was announced to be 11 June 2020. The event was a rather spectacular one was it was the first time the launch was taking place as a virtual event. This was because of the coronavirus pandemic that has forced people to remain in their houses and practice social distancing measures.

PS5 Design

The event became the talking point when Sony revealed the design of the PS5 console. Months before the event, fans were coming up with all types of crazy designs. They were theories for the probable design of PS5. However, Sony surprised everyone when the PS5 had a design that allowed it to be vertical or horizontal depending on the space. The internet was filled with memes on the design of the console. Many PlayStation fans were disappointed with it as they were expecting something else after all these months of speculation. However, many thought it was a welcome change.

Check Out All PS4 Game Now Confirmed For PS5 ! Sony
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Games Confirmed For PS5

PS5 is all set to hit the markets anywhere between October and December. The games to be confirmed for the latest console are Cyberpunk 2077, Madden NFL 21, FIFA 2021, Destiny 2, WRC 9, and Watch Dogs: Legion. The games of PS4 needs to be updated if they are to release on PS5.

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