Check Out All The Details Of Newly Launched PlayStation 5!

PS 5

PlayStation 5: Sony launched it’s much-awaited PS 5 console last Thursday, June 11. This DualSense, aka next-gen controller, will make the game experience more enjoyable and lively. Here are all the details about the console rolled up that you have to know.

The Overall Look Of PlayStation 5 Console

The newly launched PS 5 looks different from Sony’s previous console designs. It has a classic black and white color scheme and a boomerang-like shape. While fans like the not-so-new sporting look of the console, the shape creates a difference of opinion.

PS 5

But whether you like it or not, you get your hands on it. This console has some fantastic sounding features. Such as it has an adaptive shoulder button that triggers with the haptic feedback. Also, it has a built-in microphone as well as a new ‘create’ button replacing the PlayStation 4’s share button.

The built-in headphone will help one to talk with friends during game-time instead of a gamepad. But the feature can be replaced by gamepad anytime the player wants. The console also has an audio jack. So, one can use their headphone or headsets and enjoy the game.

The share button isn’t available in the PS 5 console. Instead, the ‘Create’ button will perform more functions than the previous one. Sony describes it as ” we are again pioneering new ways for players to create epic gameplay. Content to share with the world or just to enjoy for themselves.”

PS 5

The next-gen console also features an adaptive trigger, as mentioned above. Sony says the trigger “been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). This will also help the developers to resist the triggers to stimulate actions more accurately. The Haptic feedback will replace the previous rumble technology of DualShock. This stimulates touch so one can get vibration or movement output in real life touch experience.

PlayStation 5 Console Price

Sony hasn’t revealed any price for this next-gen, aka DualSense PS 5 controller. But as the PS 4 retails at around $50 & 50 pounds in Europe, the PS 5 will retail at a higher price point than this. We can expect the console to be priced at $70 in the USA, 60 bucks in Europe, and around AU$ 120.

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