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Check Out: Amazon Announced New Product Including A Flying Drone That Films Inside Your Home

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Amazon & The Flying Drone

Check Out: Amazon Announced New Product Including A Flying Drone That Films Inside Your Home: New and advanced technology is changing the world. Recently, Amazon launched a new Ring security camera. It is fixed on top of a flying drone.

The drone users can set a path for the indoor security camera to fly throughout the home. When the drone is not in air surveillance, it is locked into a dock that blocks the camera for privacy concerns.

On Thursday and several new products, amazon also showed this new device during its virtual event.

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Ring’s founder, Jamie Siminoff, has always made and launched better technology like smart security markets, connected doorbells, and smart home cameras.

The Specs

It helps people to check in on their homes when they’re away for work or personal reasons.

Jamie Siminoff wrote a blog about his Always Home Cam, saying it will allow people to monitor multiple areas of their houses with just one device. It saves a lot of money, as you do not need to buy various cameras.

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In 2018, Amazon acquired Ring.

The Always Home Cam detects any suspicious activity; it flies over to see it. This cam is a much need in everyone’s house, as it helps to keep safe.

Recently, Ring has also decided to work with police departments to help investigates the crime. Lawmakers have increasingly stepped up their scrutiny of Ring. To this, even Siminoff added that the Always Home Cam is built with “privacy and security top of mind.”

Siminoff added, “It cannot be manually controlled, ensuring that it will only record and see what is important to you.”

It will be available to everyone in the next year. The cost of the Always Home Cam is $250.

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