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Check Out: Closest Near-Miss Asteroid 2020 QL2 As Big As Football Ground To Be Recorded On Monday

Check Out: Closest Near-Miss Asteroid 2020 QL2 As Big As Football Ground To Get Recorded On Monday: Every day, astronomers observe “near-earth objects”, and this time they documented a giant rock mass.

On September 14th, Monday, an asteroid as giant as a football pitch is to whizz past planet Earth. The giant rock is called Asteroid 2020 QL2, and it is up to 120 metres in diameter.

NASA says they saw it on August 14th, 2020. The asteroid is the largest for some time to become this close to the Earth. It makes it the most notable space events.

NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (NEOS) says QL2 will past at a speed of nearly 24,000 mph. Luckily, it has no chance of hitting us. However, it will come within a distance of 6.8 million km or 4.2 million miles.

Asteroid QL2 falls under “potentially hazardous” category. The category means any space object that comes within 4.6 million miles.

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NASA answers this question.

NASA said:

“In collaboration with Aerospace Corp, CNEOS has developed a NEO Deflection app, which examines the kinetic impactor deflection technique for a series of hypothetical impacting asteroids.”

It further added:

“This calculates the velocity changes necessary to deflect the asteroid away from Earth impact, as a function of parameters such as asteroid size and deflection time, and it allows the user to design a realistic deflection mission.”

But NASA confirms that the QL2 is estimated to be 17 times further away from the moon when making it’s the closest approach to us on Monday.

However, this makes it much nearer to the sun, which is 150 million km or 93 million miles from Earth.

This asteroid will be the closest near-miss ever recorded. It will be like the size of an SUV.

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