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Everything From Cost To Release Date You Need To Know About Sony PS5 Games

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Everything From Cost To Release Date You Need To Know About Sony PS5 Games: Every gamer is waiting for Sony PS5, and at last, it’s good news for them.

Sony has announced the release date and the price for Play Station 5. The PS5 Digital Edition will cost $499, and PS5 will cost $399.

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For PS5 there are some confirmed handful of exclusive games till now. The next-gen console will release on November 12th. Starting from the US, Japan, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, till South Korea everywhere, the new PS5 will release.

While in other regions, except China, the console will release on November 19th. Sony PS5 will also be releasing on PC and Xbox except for exclusives.

Authorities shared a post on the PlayStation blog, which states that games from “our own Worldwide Studios titles will be priced from US$49,99 to US$69.99.”

The increase in the price of PS5 from PS4 was expected, The new generation consoles typically run about $60 for a new game, but in PS5 the new games will cost an extra $10.

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On Wednesday, Sony confirmed the launch of two titles Demon’s Souls remake and Destruction AllStars would have a $69.99 price tag on PlayStation 5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales from Insomniac will cost $49.99, and the Ultimate Edition will bear the price tag of $69.99 on PS5.

Sumo Digital’s, Sackboy A Big Adventure will also be available at launch and will cost $59.99.

With everything, Ps5 buyers will also get a free preinstalled game whose name is Astro’s Playroom, by Sony’s courtesy.

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