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Check Out: Gigi Hadid Showed-Off Her 27- Weeks Pregnant Glowing Baby Bump And It Left Us In Awe

Via Gigi's Instagram

Check Out: Gigi Hadid Showed-Off Her 27- Weeks Pregnant Glowing Baby Bump And It Left Us In Awe: In Gigi’s new Instagram post, she showed off her 27 weeks pregnancy bump. A series of new photos gave fans a glimpse at the California native’s bare stomach from different angles.

The images came after Gigi’s father, Mohammed Hadid, shared a poem he wrote for his grandchild. Fans started speculating about their little one has arrived. The Hadid-Hilfiger capsule collection replied, “No, not yet” via Instagram to a user, inquiring about his grandchild.

Gigi Is Expecting

Earlier this month, fans began speculating about Zayn and Gigi’s baby after Gigi’s sister, Bella Hadid, shared a photo of her with Gigi caressing her baby bump.

Both these posts added fuel to the fire and made fans sure about the new angel’s birth.
So, on Thursday, September 17, Gigi took to Instagram to show her baby bump and captioned the photo, “from about 27 wks πŸ₯ΊπŸ’™ time flew.”

Via Gigi’s Instagram

According to a source, Zayn couldn’t be more thrilled about being a dad and having this baby with her love Gigi.

Via Gigi’s Instagram

Gigi’s Fashion

In the photos, Gigi is wearing a crop top and comfortable sweats. She turned all sides to click pictures, showing fans all the sides of her growing bump. She is enjoying her pregnancy living with her family in her mother, Yolanda Hadid’s farm.

Everyone knows Gigi’s love for horses, and in the last photo, it is in the previous slide of the images. She’s stroking the horse’s forehead, and the photo shows her glowing happiness.

Via Gigi’s Instagram

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