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Check Out: “The Walking Dead” Finale Episode Is As Interesting As It Is Horrifying

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Check Out: “The Walking Dead” Finale Episode Is As Interesting As It Is Horrifying: It is always challenging to see your favourite shows end! But even though it’s coming to an end, many stories are still left to tell.

The Walking Dead has been going strong for ten seasons now, and the tenth season of the horror series is full of bombshells. And fans are more than eager to complete the post-apocalyptic series, especially during this pandemic.

The season 10 “finale” episode, “A Certain Doom,” gives a perfect ending to season ten. It gives a kickstart to the new season.

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The arrangement of the episode is such that it makes the fans both excited and nervous. In this episode, Beta and the remaining Whisperers initiates one last attack against Alexandria and the other communities.

Beta, along with his Whisperers, broke into the hospital where his enemies were laying low. The abandoned hospital was so huge that it could keep the combined population of Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Kingdom. Even if this seems possible, keeping everyone together in the hospital is difficult to manage and protect in the long run.

This massive takedown of the enemies is happening after the death of Rick Grimes in season 9. It is going to be one of the most significant zombie attacks faced by the good ones.

With the help of the special effects team, the fight scene gets portrayed brilliantly. The team’s effort into showing the numbers truly massive did not go in vain.

Director Greg Nicotero flashes to show the carnage from the ground.

The writer Corey Reed and showrunner Angela Kang found an exciting way for the heroes to deal with the Whisperer horde without breaking the bank at AMC.

All The Walking Dead fans will indeed have a gala time watching the finale episode and will add to the new season’s eagerness and excitement.

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