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Check Out What This CDC Director Wants To Tell The Americans! Latest Update

Robert Redfield
Source: The Mercury News

Check Out What This CDC Director Wants To Tell The Americans!: Transparently, with the escalation of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the situation in the USA is beyond repairable. The country just saw an increase in the death rates after April, the pandemic, has mysteriously grown its way into the interiors of America.

However, Centers for Disease Control and Protection i-e CDC Director Robert Redfield, recently, decided to put some brains into some people during a live stream.

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Listen Up Americans!

Robert Redfield talked with Journal of American Medical Association i-e JAMA via live chat, on 14th July 2020. During their conversation, he said:

“I do think that the fall and winter of 2020 and 2021 are going to be probably one of the most difficult times that we experience in American public health.”

Robert Redfield
Source: The New York Times

He further explained how he is worried about the Americans due to the increase of COVID 19 and influenza. Influenza will likely return during winter when people are sharing indoor space.

Usually, the flu season starts in October and takes a toll on the US health system every year. Over the last decade, there have been over 36,000 deaths due to the flu.

It’s true that if there is COVID as well as the flu, it’ll cost a tremendous burden over the health care system.

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Wear A Mask!

Redfield also focused on the point that every American need to take the virus seriously and wear masks at all times. Yet, almost half the population does not believe in wearing a mask while half of the country is dying of COVID 19 despite taking precautions.

Check Out What This CDC Director Wants To Tell The Americans

Redfield and a few other doctors penned an article in JAMA stating:

“Covering mouths and noses with filtering masks serves two purposes- personal protection against inhalation of harmful pathogens and particulates, and source to prevent exposing others to infectious microbes that may be expelled during respiration.”

I feel this bit explains the need to wear a mask daily.

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Dire Conditions!

It is no secret that people are dying of the COVID due to lack of resources or complications. In seven months of 2020, we have lost so many people to Coronavirus.

As of now, America is one of the leading countries that are affected severely due to the virus. Moreover, Redfield said:

“Keeping the health care system from being overstressed is going to be important. The degree that we can do that will define how well we get through the fall and winter.”

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